Friday, 20 November 2009

Fig 11 Windows of Berlin

I went on a winter weekend away with my sister to Berlin, we had such a great time.
Berlin is such an inspiring and creative City, to me it was like one big playground. We explored the east and the west and found hot spots in both. We found a lovely little restaurant / cake shop just around the corner of Savigny Platz station, a treasure of a find - best patisseries and fresh food in Berlin, absolutely beautiful. We cycled around the city with the Fat Tire Tour at Alexander Platz amazing fun, my cheeks hurt from smiling all day, you cycle around and stop at all the historical sites, you stop for an hour and have lunch in the parks cafe, and sample some of Germany's beer which is delicious. I dragged my sister around all the 'Humana' stores I could find basically these are huge charity shops well worth a look - be worn you do need to rummage best one is in Frankfurter Tor 3 - incredible building. Lastly we went to Tacheles were they have a huge sculpture park full of sculptures made from found iron and metal, you can watch the artists at work, its based in a former department store which now has 2 bars and one club the building is covered from head to toe in graffiti, it smelt of piss pretty bad but worth a quick snap or too.