Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fig 29 Movember

All Movember I have been donning a slug on my top lip to raise money for Prostate Cancer Research, I did this mainly to show my huge love and compassion towards my Dad who has just recently gone through having prostate cancer and is now recovering after his operation, and for all those other beautiful men who have been affected by the disease which effects 36,000 men a year.
This is my 30 day Movember Diary, So far I have raised a hair raising amount of £516.10 Hope you enjoy it. x

Fig 28 Giraffe Junkie

My beautiful and talented friend Julia Lowe made this very clever animation Giraffe Junkie for their music video for their Band - Keston Cobblers Club. The story will pull on your heart strings and calm you like an episode of Postman Pat, I would so prefer to be a Giraffe than a horse - to see the world from such great height's and to have long long legs. I loved this video... the music is just as sweet and professional, A very talented bunch - keep an eye on The Keston Cobblers Club I have a feeling they are going to be big.
Put the kettle on snuggle up to a loved one or something cuddly - and press play

There was once a giraffe who wanted to be a horse. He wanted a swishy tail and clackity feet and for his mane to wangle in the wind when he galloped over the hills. So, one sunny day he flew his rocket to the Planet Horse, to sip tea with his equine friends...but the horses were not so horsepitable. in fact, they despised the giraffe, with his silly long neck and wonky spots.....

Monday, 22 November 2010

Fig 27 A Lesson in Lino Cutting

A Lesson in Lino Cutting - Firstly you will need to gather your tool's you will need a Lino cutter the best one to get when your starting is a pack where you get a handle and 10 cutters (gouges) with it, this allows you to choose and experiment with different mark making. You will need some lino which you can find in most art shops, always get more than you think, as you will need one just to experiment and practice with first, you will need some paint/ink I used aqua linoldruck in carmine red, this paint is specifically for lino printing, it is off a very smooth consistency and rolls on an even colour. It's especially good when a little dryer and tacky, secondly you will need a roller, to roll the paint onto your design evenly. I find the rubber ones are a lot better then sponges, the spongey rollers soak up to much paint and create an uneven patchy impression. You will also need some fine sand paper to add more texture to the lino and to sand off the shiny service as to give more texture for your paint to grip to, sand your lino before cutting as it saves a lot of hassle then if you were to do it after, as all the sand gets stuck in all the marks you have just made.
You will also need a pencil or permanent pen to draw your design on with, I prefer permanent pen as pencil tends to rub off. Cutting lino can be hard work, what I did to make it more easy is to put your lino in the oven at low heat for 3-5 minutes so its soft - you will find it a lot easier to cut and will achieve sharper lines as the lino won't be so brittle and crumble... Always cut away from your yourself.
I hope this has inspired you to create your own xmas cards this year, Don't forget to sign and No. them. Merry Xmas Kylie x

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Fig 26 Mo...vember

This year Im taking part in Movember - raising awareness and money for the Prostate Cancer Research, seeing as my Dad has battled with the disease I thought this would be my chance to give something back to him and for all those other beautiful men who have been effected by prostate cancer . Every day in November I am growing a different tash - this I think is my best one yet - definately giving Tom Selleck a run for his money, If you guys have any more design's I will be very happy to wear them.
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lets here it for Movember, The Mo has to grow x