Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Fig 23 The Good Old Days

I found these images the last time I went home amongst box's and box's full of family photographs, I have what you would call Peter Pan syndrome where I look at the world with a child's eye, (well I try most of the time through the mundane reality of everything). These photo's brought all those memories back, the excitement, adventure, discovery of being a child, and all you had to worry about is where your favorite teddy was. What you were having for tea that evening the worst being having to eat a whole pile of mashed potato before you were allowed your desert.

Oh those were the days, Happy Days.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Fig 22 Wee Wisdom

Wee Wisdom... A magazine for Boys & Girls Printed in November 1957
This magazine was found in pristine condition with all the pages - my favorite being
"This Is Francie" I have always wanted to design something like this, the hours I had as a little girl trying to make my own. Im loving Francie's style might try it myself this week, that little red coat and cable knit jumper will be in my wardrobe for sure, this autumn.

Fig 21 At The Fair

I found this little sun bleached number while rooting around the 'Treasure Chest' with my sister, I was firstly drawn to the colours they reminded me of the clapboard houses which lined the streets of San Francisco on a hot summers day. And secondly the nature of the illustrations which are very cute and have a great graphic composition my favorite page being the tightrope.

Puffin, Twink & Waggle AT THE FAIR By Rodney Bennett and Joyce Dennys

Fig 20 A Lesson In...

These four little books are guides on how to...avoid common faults in gravy making,...
How to glaze a fruit tart... decorate your own wedding cake... wonderful ways of cutting a carrot. They would look great mounted in box frame's on a kitchen wall.

They were published by Van Den Berghs & Jurgens, Ltd, Unilever House, London E.C. 4

Fig 19 Bon Appetit

This book was so bright and colourful I could not pass it by, the illustrations are so French the mask on the little boy - see double page spread reminded me of the film Amelie - Its a complete treat and the recipes if not daring (Scotch Egg!!) are all illustrated beautifully so don't worry if you can't read French.
The recent books shown on my blog, will be on sale - on my soon to be online shop.
Watch this space for details.