Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Fig 16 Quilt Trip

During my time in San Francisco (The city) I dipped in and out of many thrift stores, my favorite lined the streets of Mission, but the one in which we got the most bargains and spent the most time deliberating on how much we could take back to England was "Thrift Town" which was on the Corner of 17th street & Mission.

My biggest and most beautiful purchase of all and the envy of many is a vintage quilt hand sewn using the Californian colour palette of spring. It's huge and cuddly and will be used on many September evenings around a BBQ on a beach or lounged over a whicker bench on the balcony of my one day beach house.

If you are inspired by this post, then you will most probably love this Exbition at the V&A "Quilts 1700 - 2010" March 20th - July 4th.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Fig 15 Feeling sweet in California

During my trip in San Francisco I started to get a sweet tooth for there confectionery packaging, all those delicious treats boxed up in the most boldest, coolest packaging.

I wanted them all, seriously not so much the sweets them self's but the boxes (well maybe the Swedish Fish) I love the colours and names - Mike & Ike with the Californian faded blue box just like there clapper board houses, Milk Duds with that brown and mustard logo reminds me of a stripey top my Dad wore in the early 80's.

Good & plenty always my favorite in taste and style - I actually ate the Liquorice comforts that's why they are not in this photo, also the big cherry how great is that little pink number? Yup I hope you are as overwhelmed by this array of delicious treats as I am. Happy Easter bunnies lent is over tuck in.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Fig 14 Stamp collecting

Check these lovelies out, my friend Lu gave me these stamps in Decemeber for my Birthday I have a huge obsession with Dick Bruna. His ability to draw with such simplicity while being able to evoke huge volumes of personality. I love the use of flat vibrant colour and the graphic boldness of each character. Stamps are such a beautiful canvas to apply graphics and art. And these little gems will look fantastic in a box frame mounted on my bedroom wall.

I also fell across 'British Textile Stamps'at a car boot sale one very chilly and wet Sunday morning. I used to have the same William Morris wall paper in my bedroom as a child so this set is particularly nostalgic and I was born in the same year 1982!. These are all British textile designers from July 1982 I love the vibrancy and how different they all are yet they look good sat side by side, I would love a summer dress made out of the Paul Nash - Cherry Orchard print.