Thursday, 24 May 2012


The other weekend when I was last home visiting the folks, my Mum finally got the huge box of family photo's down from the attic, for me to look through. These were just a few of my favorites. These photo's are filled with such joy and charisma. The photo of all the children on the bench eating ice cream, is of my Nanny and my Mum and her three brothers, I love the sandals the boys are wearing and the concentration on each of there face's. My Nanny was always so serene she had such an air of beauty and softness, I remember her smelling of almonds. The one with all the men lined up on the beach (Fresh Water East Pembrokeshire) makes me laugh so much the man on the right, was my beloved great Uncle Chum. The photo of the couple on the horse's is my Nanny & Grandad - How amazing do they look? and so romantic, they had recently just met when the photo was taken. All these photo's were taken by my grandad he was a remarkable man. A man of many talents and Im so glad one of them was photography, so I have all the past to look through and admire and love.