Thursday, 22 July 2010

Fig 18 Hipstamatic

I am completely in love with the Hipstamatic iphone App - If you haven't purchased it yet than rummage for a 50 pence piece in your pocket or look in the back of your sofas buy it now!! It will change your life - Well it will make you see life in rose tinted glasses!!

From top left to bottom right - Rhubarb taken at Borough Market delicious 'the taste of summer', Banana Birthday Buns were whisked up by my fair hands for my best friend Lana Banana (hence the foam bananas!!) A.Gold (sweet shop) pass every morning on my way to work I eye up the sugar mice's in the window, must not forget buy for xmas stocking fillers, Accessories left in a stylist house, plastic flowers on my friend Lotty's bike who also wheres flowers in her hair, Heart shaped cactus, Pandora's Box in the lanes Brighton, American Diner, Very Sweet Apricots French Market in Dorset.