Friday, 23 April 2010

Fig 17 Window Shopping

During my brief stay in Las Vegas in between weddings, Fat Elvis, playing craps and eating buffets. I managed to do a little window shopping.

Captured here are some of my favorites 'Lanvin' being top of my list, love the mannequins there expresions and the way the window designer has given them personality and drama using such simple and graphic make up. I Love lanvin, will keep my eyes peeled for more of there spectacular work, the clothes are just as good as the window displays.

Hermes window's caught my eye, The Carousel horses complemented there brand using there icon as a means to display there collection, While at the same time keeping there french origins.

Louis Vuitton's windows were spot on for Vegas. With there branded dices amongst there collection very clever, very striking.

And lastly Paul Smiths Window display taken inspiration from Mondrian, have always loved Paul Smiths obsession with colour and his eclectic taste in art and found objects, his shops to me are like minnie museums, he's a collector like me "of the strange and beautiful".

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