Monday, 22 November 2010

Fig 27 A Lesson in Lino Cutting

A Lesson in Lino Cutting - Firstly you will need to gather your tool's you will need a Lino cutter the best one to get when your starting is a pack where you get a handle and 10 cutters (gouges) with it, this allows you to choose and experiment with different mark making. You will need some lino which you can find in most art shops, always get more than you think, as you will need one just to experiment and practice with first, you will need some paint/ink I used aqua linoldruck in carmine red, this paint is specifically for lino printing, it is off a very smooth consistency and rolls on an even colour. It's especially good when a little dryer and tacky, secondly you will need a roller, to roll the paint onto your design evenly. I find the rubber ones are a lot better then sponges, the spongey rollers soak up to much paint and create an uneven patchy impression. You will also need some fine sand paper to add more texture to the lino and to sand off the shiny service as to give more texture for your paint to grip to, sand your lino before cutting as it saves a lot of hassle then if you were to do it after, as all the sand gets stuck in all the marks you have just made.
You will also need a pencil or permanent pen to draw your design on with, I prefer permanent pen as pencil tends to rub off. Cutting lino can be hard work, what I did to make it more easy is to put your lino in the oven at low heat for 3-5 minutes so its soft - you will find it a lot easier to cut and will achieve sharper lines as the lino won't be so brittle and crumble... Always cut away from your yourself.
I hope this has inspired you to create your own xmas cards this year, Don't forget to sign and No. them. Merry Xmas Kylie x

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