Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fig 28 Giraffe Junkie

My beautiful and talented friend Julia Lowe made this very clever animation Giraffe Junkie for their music video for their Band - Keston Cobblers Club. The story will pull on your heart strings and calm you like an episode of Postman Pat, I would so prefer to be a Giraffe than a horse - to see the world from such great height's and to have long long legs. I loved this video... the music is just as sweet and professional, A very talented bunch - keep an eye on The Keston Cobblers Club I have a feeling they are going to be big.
Put the kettle on snuggle up to a loved one or something cuddly - and press play

There was once a giraffe who wanted to be a horse. He wanted a swishy tail and clackity feet and for his mane to wangle in the wind when he galloped over the hills. So, one sunny day he flew his rocket to the Planet Horse, to sip tea with his equine friends...but the horses were not so horsepitable. in fact, they despised the giraffe, with his silly long neck and wonky spots.....

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