Monday, 1 March 2010

Fig 14 Stamp collecting

Check these lovelies out, my friend Lu gave me these stamps in Decemeber for my Birthday I have a huge obsession with Dick Bruna. His ability to draw with such simplicity while being able to evoke huge volumes of personality. I love the use of flat vibrant colour and the graphic boldness of each character. Stamps are such a beautiful canvas to apply graphics and art. And these little gems will look fantastic in a box frame mounted on my bedroom wall.

I also fell across 'British Textile Stamps'at a car boot sale one very chilly and wet Sunday morning. I used to have the same William Morris wall paper in my bedroom as a child so this set is particularly nostalgic and I was born in the same year 1982!. These are all British textile designers from July 1982 I love the vibrancy and how different they all are yet they look good sat side by side, I would love a summer dress made out of the Paul Nash - Cherry Orchard print.


  1. Love those Dick Bruna stamps! I'm a huge Bruna fan as well. :)

    I used to collect stamps back in the day, but haven't touched them for ages (except when mailing letters), visiting your blog definitely reminded me how pretty stamps can be!

  2. The Bruna stamps are so, so lovely! And I do adore the WIlliam Morris stamp, also...