Sunday, 28 March 2010

Fig 15 Feeling sweet in California

During my trip in San Francisco I started to get a sweet tooth for there confectionery packaging, all those delicious treats boxed up in the most boldest, coolest packaging.

I wanted them all, seriously not so much the sweets them self's but the boxes (well maybe the Swedish Fish) I love the colours and names - Mike & Ike with the Californian faded blue box just like there clapper board houses, Milk Duds with that brown and mustard logo reminds me of a stripey top my Dad wore in the early 80's.

Good & plenty always my favorite in taste and style - I actually ate the Liquorice comforts that's why they are not in this photo, also the big cherry how great is that little pink number? Yup I hope you are as overwhelmed by this array of delicious treats as I am. Happy Easter bunnies lent is over tuck in.

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