Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Fig 34 Mauro Perucchetti`s Jelly Babie's

The Westminster City Council granted approval for Italian artist Mauro Perucchetti`s "Jelly Baby Family" to be placed at Marble Arch.
Contemporary art has a lot of art objects that seems more toys, just to remember Jeff Koons`s baloons or Takashi Murakami `s manga figures, but these are something new and not usual to Mauro Perucchetti`s works before. The sculpture depicts giant resin jelly babies who together make a family – the father the largest of the colourful jelly baby figures will stand at 3.2 m (10.5ft) high, while the smallest of the jelly babies, the child of the family will be 2.3 m (7.5 ft) tall. The statues are part of the council's City of Sculpture Festival - with installations donated for free by some of the world's leading galleries and artists.
I think this installation is truly scrumptious, just imagine if they were made of that squidgey stuff and molded into the shape of your hug.

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