Monday, 3 October 2011

Fig. 50 The Reel

Golden Tree - Martin Brooks - Directed by - Ninian Doff

I have just got back from 'The Reel Present's' night, at Cafe 101 in Brick Lane E2 London Town. This was my favorite short of the night wanted very much share it with you guy's. I absolutely adore everything about this 3 minute film, the music the graphics the people the shapes they make, the camera angle, the blue southern sky - LOVE! Or maybe it's the Red Stripe talking, see for yourself.
Im definately going to pull out the Archer when I get my wheels on that sunny tarmac.

"‘The Reel Presents…’ screening night, you’re missing out on something special.
Each month we collect the very best new short-form work we’ve seen (shorts, pop promos, experimental pieces, branded content), slap it all together in a sensation-tickling order, court a triple-awesome guest into sharing their knowledge/insight/filmy-bits-and-bobs, set a load of comfy couches in front of a big screen, invite a lot of sexy young/old/in-the-middle peeps (we’re talking about you, you saucy sausage!), give the barman a wodge of money to keep them lubricated, sit back and bask in creative goodness."
Quote - The Reel Website

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