Monday, 3 August 2009

Fig 2 Alphabet Hunt

During July, I got my friends and colleagues to search high and low for a found letter in a everyday surrounding, to be exhibited in our gallery space ' The wonderwall' in our works reception, I displayed all our found letters on a washing line, which then made a huge word search, I hid eight words so the hunt didn't stop. Life is exciting and beautiful if you open your eyes, this exercise really taught that . My favorite is the letter 'M' above, shaddow of two lovers, who are my close Friends Wendy and Joel who are to be married in the New year I shot this in Victoria Park one fine day.


  1. love this idea! I have had a similar idea for found typography for a while now, maybe i'll get around to doing it one day!!

    Lovely blog by the way and thank you for 'following' mine!


  2. Thanks Caroline, love this whole blog thang x x