Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Fig 6 My Mum and Dads Shared Sheds

These montages are of my Mum and Dads 'Sheds' Which they call 'Shareds' as they are join together, I love the contrast between my Mums tranquil Summer House compared to my Dads studio, and the way they are so personalized and unique to them individually. My Dads shed has a rustic hands on approach, Its messy and creative. While my mums shed is calm and pretty with a vintage edge. I took these photos as I am always inspired by peoples spaces and work stations, private places to be creative or to collect thoughts or putting thoughts on paper.


  1. these are really beautiful photos, they go so well together, i don't know which shed i would rather be in?!

  2. Gorgeous pics! I love the hints of blue in your Mum's shed!