Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Fig 3 Vintage Deli Beautiful online shop

One Sunday, bitterly cold afternoon in late November. My friend Katy Coe came bouncing in with a huge bag of clothes, and one very big idea " Im going to call my shop 'Vintage Deli ", she beamed at me with her wide grin and smiling eyes. I was completely taken away with her energy and enthusiasm, so we sat in front of our fire and started sketching ideas, not long after I came up with a mark which did and said exactly what Katy wanted, and designed a homepage to show off Katy's collection of beautiful clothes. Her website is up and running and well worth a look...
go to http://www.vintagedeli.co.uk/


  1. I just had a quick look, it looks amazing and such beautiful pictures! Would you mind if I post about it on my blog? xx Hollie

  2. No not at all, In fact me and my friend Katy would love you too. Thanks Holly for spreading the word.
    x x

  3. That's amazing, thank you soooooo much, loads of love xxxxxx

  4. It's gorgeous, well done you two!